Wednesday, 19 January 2011

H&M Buys

This knitted dress was featured in a previous post about H&M. Love the colour and it looks quite cute on, because it flares at the bottom, so will have to edge it up with my beloved Leather Jacket. I have the habit of buying the same thing in a different colour if I really like it. Bad habit. Will do an outfit post with the coral coloured one...x


  1. Love the coral dress; simple yet chic. I haven't seen it in there considering the ridiculous amount of time I spend in there!


  2. I haven't been in H&M for a while, ok a week maybe, scoured the internet and saw it online, it's only £14.99, so not too bad, its really nice on, would look great with your acne boots edge it up a little. Thanks for visiting again...x

  3. Ugh I hate that the nearest H&M to me is 1hour away. Totally kills me, there are like 3 things I want there for sure right now alone.

  4. Oh nooo :( , why don't you try and see what you can get online...x

  5. i LOVE h&m and i know , buying something i a different color you already bought before is a bad habit but its tempting especially when you like the fit .

    i love the trousers ; cool print !

    ALYSSA .